3 Top Tips For Webinars

Well what a 9 months this has been, I don’t think any of us really knew back in March how long this was going to go on for, but I am guessing not quite this long.

With a substantial increase in webinars and online seminars and even conferences, I thought I would share just 3 simple tips to make them go more smoothly! 

Webinars as we know were around pre-Covid, however, there has been such an influx of them, whether that be Chambers, Law Firms, Academics, speaking to other lawyers or their clients.  Discussing the impact of Covid, or avoiding Covid completely and just delivering sessions on important topics. 

So how can you make your webinar, whether as the host or a panel member, guest speaker, go as smoothly as possible.

Tip 1 – Camera

Now no one is expecting you to have a Legally Blonde film or BBC News studio set up in your home (other films and news channels are available!) but a clean/clear camera view is expected.  Even if it is the one on your laptop or Mac, set yourself up so it is at a good angle and that you have a semi-respectable background.  Again, we aren’t expecting studio levels of backgrounds and backdrops but something appropriate.  We all can remember the furore over what books people had on their bookshelves, don’t we? 

This also links to lighting, make sure you have some light on you/near you – it really helps!

Also we don’t want to see up your nose, your ceiling light fixtures as you have positioned the camera wrong, or potentially that slightly inappropriate piece of art work behind you etc.  

Check all of this before you go live preferably as a group, failing that do a mock call with another panel member or alternatively call a colleague or family friend.  Ideally no ipad/iphone cameras! 

Tip 2 – No reading off script (or even worse off slides!)

If I had a £1 for everytime I sat in a webinar or lecture and thought… just give me the slides I can read them myself!  It is incredibly boring and gives the impression you as the presenter aren’t overly interested or educated on the subject.  By all means have notes and things like that – key points on slides, whatever you need to prepare and have that substance to hand, BUT… do not read off the slides that everyone is being presented with. 

Tip 3 – Audio

It has been nearly a year now, and as these platforms were used long before March 2020 – there really is no excuse to not have your headphones connected or be ready to unmute etc.  I am so over hearing ‘Martin, you’re on mute’… (insert other name where applicable!).  Have a practice run if you feel nervous/uncomfortable etc.  Also make sure people can hear you, minimise other potential distractions online – closing unnecessary internet browsers/tabs etc.  Anything that can slow your system down and impact wifi and the general output of your presentation – no one wants the audio or video crashing or you sounding like a robot.

One thing I would say is that everyone is far more tolerant of background noise, interferences, the dog barking when the door goes, children popping in – and I love that – it makes you human! However, if you need to (and are able to) put a sign on the door or whatever it is to help you get in the zone and make for a smoother (more seamless) presentation.

Good luck! 


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