Billable Hour Cookbook – Back On Sale

Yes.. you heard me correctly. The Billable Hour Cookbook is back on sale. For all of you that missed the initial pre-order print run, you can now purchase whenever you like.

To order yourself (and your loved ones, friends, colleagues) a copy, just head to this link here.

A couple of things to point out:

  1. Price is still £25 plus postage and packing.
  2. There are two post options: (1) First class post to any address in the UK for £4 (£29 in total) OR (2) Post to any international address for £15 (a total of £40) but if you do happen to live outside of the UK you may have to pay customs duty on your purchase at the prevailing rate.
  3. You don’t need to have a Paypal account to purchase, you can just simply input your card details and a delivery address.
  4. Orders are now being printed in batches. Ishan will send orders from the previous month to print on the first of the following month. So you should (all being well) receive your book within that month from being sent to print. International orders may take an additional 5-7 days.
  5. For further details Ishan has laid everything out on the website, including a walkthrough of a delivery run – so check that out.
  6. If would prefer to order 10+ copies then just email Ishan at – DO NOT USE PAYPAL. This is because the book price won’t change but Ishan should be able to find cheaper delivery options.

So please do grab yourself a copy, it is super easy to purchase, just click here.

Rebecca x

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