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So if you have checked out my Snapchat or Instagram recently you will know that I purchased a SourcedBox.  I do love healthy food and also chocolate etc.  I thought by purchasing a SourcedBox I would be able to find some other healthy snacks to try.   Get the referral link to receive 15% off your first order below.

I had read some great reviews on SourcedBox so thought I would give it a go, you can either purchase a one-off month, or have a subscription.  You can cancel the subscription at any time, so long as you do it before the next shipment date as per the website terms.

This isn’t a sponsored post, just to make that clear.  I thought I would just share the referral code with you, incase you wanted to check them out.  They would make a great addition to your month, with new snacks.  Great for students, lawyers, legal professionals, academics etc.

SourcedBox July 2016
SourcedBox July 2016

Check out the healthy snacks in #SourcedBox & get 15% off of your first box via my referral link!

I really enjoyed the products that arrived, especially as I was worried I wouldn’t try half of it, but I seemed to have a lucky hit with the July box.  There was only one thing that I won’t be trying and that was the Beetroot and Horseradish crisp things.

Make sure you check out SourcedBox if it is the sort of thing you would like to try.

Rather than explain and list all of the prices and subscriptions I thought I would share a graphic from their website.

SourcedBox Prices and Subscriptions
SourcedBox Prices and Subscriptions

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