Meeting with Kosta

Two weeks ago I had a very interesting meeting with Kosta (feel free to check out his website here: ).

As you are aware I have lots of exciting things planned with my blog some of which Mogul (the web designers) are helping me with, and some things I am doing myself.

It was really good chatting to Kosta about some of the ideas I have, plus Kosta has lots of knowledge and experience with it comes to starts up, developing ideas and just all round business tips and tricks!

I had some ideas of what I wanted to do with my blog myself before I went, and left the meeting with my head buzzing with even more ideas so I can’t wait to start working on some over the coming months.

Kosta seems to know people everywhere and kindly put me in touch with Paul Lancaster, who works for Sage, and that is how I was fortunate enough to be selected to be part of the Sage One Street Team, (the bloggers) at Thinking Digital Conference 2015. (lots of blog posts to follow!)

Kosta also recommended an app/website for me to check out.  Buffer is a place where you can upload scheduled tweets and messages to go to various social media platforms.  I wasn’t sure whether I would use this very much but it has been great and I know it will be invaluable going forward when I try and promote my blog better.  I still will be putting up “unscheduled” tweets all the time, but will try and remember to use Buffer to help me promote, develop and grow my outreach for my blog! (separate blog post to follow!)

I can’t wait to see what other opportunities are going to come out of my meeting with Kosta and I think I will be meeting up with him again sometime after my holiday!  He has lots of contacts and ideas of his own which are extremely exciting and I look forward to working on some bits together.

Rebecca x

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