Students defending Legal Aid

So whilst I am still compiling my blog post to summarise Monday’s strike, I thought I would talk about a student group which has been established since the strike.

The group is called, Students for Legal Aid, and is aimed at defending legal aid.  The group made itself public on Monday 6th January, whilst the strike was taking place, whereby criminal lawyers were on strike to demonstrate their opposition to legal aid cuts which have been imposed by the Government – these demonstrations took place all over the country and many were outside courts by criminal barristers and solicitors.

The group seem keen and proactive and want to build a strong network of committed students who want to fight to protect legal aid – they are going to be working at various university campuses to raise further attention to a significant topic!

So it appears that what Students for Legal Aid need now is followers, and they have asked for advice and support from students, academics and lawyers – in an attempt to build on this, raise awareness and hopefully make a difference.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on in terms of the Legal Aid debate, what everyone can agree on is that, as Students for Legal Aid have quoted, “Students are the future of the legal profession”, and people are struggling now for work so it will only get harder! That aside, students should want to get behind campaigns which have an impact on the lives of everyone in the UK.

So if you want anymore information on Students for Legal Aid, check out their twitter @Stdnts4LegalAid

rebecca x


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