Making A Murderer- The Phenomenon

So, you can’t have a law blog, and not write at least one post on the phenomenon that is Making A Murderer… it has had everyone talking over the last month!  TV News, Newspapers, celebrities, bloggers have all been talking about it!

Making A Murderer
Making A Murderer

What has been amazing is how popular the programme has been amongst non-lawyers… and getting to read their opinions on this Netflix Documentary has been amazing.  For many people (those who have not studied law) they are aware of the death penalty in the US but also the problems that arise sometimes in cases, but they don’t perhaps get to see a case in its entirety, and see just how these problems arise.  So Making A Murderer provides a great insight into that.

For me I had to download Netflix to watch it, and thankfully you get a month free trial, so if you haven’t watched this documentary yet make sure you do, and it is made even better by the fact it is free (and no this isn’t a plug for Netflix).

I am going to write some more in-depth posts on some of the aspects of the programme, especially some of the bits surrounding jury’s as some of it was similar to what I learnt from my Amicus training.

Sadly this type of situation seems to be extremely common in the US and I have heard of many cases like this one, but is it ever going to change?

I expect there is going to still be a lot of press on Making A Murderer for the coming weeks and months.  Plus there is talks surrounding a Season 2 (which I am sure will be extremely well received, if Season 1 is anything to go by).  There is also rumours that the lawyers might be doing a Q&A talk based show at various theatres and that is something which will no doubt be extremely interesting.

Let me know what you think…Have you watched it? What were your thoughts? What shocked you? Maybe you weren’t shocked by it?

Rebecca x

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