Kissing in public can land you a fine… and other strange laws!

Strange laws really are everywhere.  It would appear that it isn’t just England that has some rather bizarre laws such as; it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament and it is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British monarch upside-down.

Strange Laws From Around The World
Strange Laws From Around The World

Here are just a sample of some of the strange laws from around the globe:

  • In Austria if you are caught kissing on a train, not only are you given a fine but you can also be kicked off the train by the conductor – this rule also applies to anyone deemed to be eating smelly food! 
  • Many of you are probably already aware of the attempt to keep Singapore’s streets clean, by imposing a ban on chewing gum (since 1992).  Should you be caught chewing or selling guy you can face fines of up to £370.
  • If you are a single, widowed or divorced woman in California who likes the idea of sky-diving, Sunday is not the day for you to participate! Parachute jumping and sky diving could see you land with a hefty fine!
  • Kissing someone in a moving vehicle in Eboli, (just south of Naples, Italy) can see you end up with a £415 – quite excessive you may think, but apparently many honeymooners have been caught out!  As someone who has visited Capri in Italy, I was aware of this slightly strange law – there has been a ban imposed on “noisy footwear” and this has seen a couple be arrested for wearing noisy flip flops – it apparently “protects public security”.
  • Don’t visit Eraclea in Italy if you fancy building a sand castle or collecting a few sea shells, this could land you a fine anywhere between £20 and £250.
  • The people of Spades, Indiana have a slightly unconventional way of opening tins of mackerel and corned beef – they shoot them open – but this can land them with a three month prison visit!
  • Everyone loves a good Christmas Market and Ice Skating session at Christmas, but if next year you are heading off to Frankfurt remember that there is a 50mph speed limit on the ice, and any one that goes above that will be punished.

There are so many weird and wonderful (and quite ridiculous) laws all over the world, this is just a snapshot of a few of them!

Do you know of any slightly strange laws? What weird laws would you impose or eradicate?

Rebecca x


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