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So I have quite a lot of things I am working on at the moment which are really exciting but I thought I would quickly update you all on some of those things and also some of the things I have been up to, and what is happening in the next few weeks.

There will be a lot of blog posts over the coming weeks so keep an eye out:-

  • When I came back from my holiday one of the first things I did was have a proper business type meeting with Mogul to set some goals, timeframes and what not for some of the projects I am working on.  Exciting times ahead!
  • As you know I had my meeting with Middle Temple on the 9th July – which was on something specific (to be revealed) but I also got chatting about various other things and I will be sharing all of that with you when my “post meeting” blog goes live.
  • On Monday last week I was very fortunate to be invited by Middle Temple to attend a talk at the Houses of Parliament on “Who makes the law?” – it was a really good evening and a brilliant debate! I have a post coming soon.
  • I am not sure if you know but the deadline for paying the first instalment etc for the BPTC was last week and I know lots of people were posting about that.  I have been very lucky and some of the tutors have been so helpful and given me my weekend dates/coursework and exam submission dates and lots of info about registration, early bird registration and modules etc. I am so grateful and just can’t wait to collect my books and module info nearer the time and start!
  • This week is ridiculously exciting as on Tuesday I am having a radio interview in the afternoon – which is extremely surreal – a full blog post will be going up Tuesday morning for you!
  • Also on Tuesday I am off to spend some time with the guys that are busy working on The Penalty film – so keep an eye out for my post on that.
  • This week Big Voice London has their Summer School (which is literally down the road from work) – so I will be heading along from Tuesday to Friday to help with that!.

I am sure there are things I have missed and will remember and will share with you soon!

I also have some legal news articles to share with you on a variety of topics this week so keep an eye out for those!

Rebecca x

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