Top 21 male barristers…but ranked on looks not brains..

I read this article in the paper the other week, and whilst it is all meant to be a bit of fun, it still shocked me.

If you required legal representation, would the attractiveness of the Barrister make a difference?

Personally, I think that so long as someone looks smart and professional and ultimately can give you the best representation then surely that is the most important factor.

Two anonymous women (named the Barrister Hottie Experts) set up this online publication, and it has allegedly become the talk of the Bar and a bit of competition as the women declare they “love a man in a wig”.

Just for laughs I will quote to you some of the comments, written alongside the “lucky 21”.

‘Like Prince Harry but with brains’.

‘A manly man – like a fire-fighter stuffed into an M&S suit.’

‘A charmer of the old school variety who is more suited to the silver screen than the bar’.

The two women also highlight the fact that it is not just the young barristers who have made the cut, but indeed the older generation are present in the latest legal battle of egos.

In order to prevent any possible arguments, the women have announced that they will be publishing a list based on the 21 female barristers, to remain equality and fairness. 

If you do want to check out the list of what they perceive to be attractive barristers, click on the following link:

On their twitter feed, the two women urged those on twitter to send in nominations to increase their list of “attractive barristers”, as ‘Ideally, they are attractive, intelligent, articulate, they can command a room and they ought to be honourable,’

They did however, go on to add that ‘In reality a lot are rather dull, so we thought this was a fun way of finding the nicest ones around.’

So, whilst most women go for men in uniform, I can honestly say that in nearly 10 years of working in various legal firms and sectors I have never heard a women express her love for a man in a wig… but whatever floats their boat.

rebecca x

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