Radio Podcast Link – Live

Just letting you all know that the podcast link is now live, just incase you didn’t get a chance to listen in to the radio show as it aired live.

Thank you once again to Star Radio and The Business Hub specifically for having me in to speak.  I had a brilliant time, and rather surprisingly really like  radio interviews.

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts on some of the things I said surrounding the topic of women networking groups then please let me know.

I realise that my views might be slightly unfavourable to some people, but I am strong believer that as business owners, employees, students and employers we can benefit from the advice, support and mentorship from both men and women, and that creating groups just for women, does not help the push to for equality, it broadens the gap.

Creating groups solely for women, means that tensions build, and an uneasy atmosphere is potentially created.  Why do women even need their own set of groups?  There are plenty of business and networking groups that are open to all genders and are beneficial.

I strongly believe that there would be complete and utter uproar if men started creating male specific business and networking groups, and I did a very quick Google search on my way to the radio station and I could not find any.  However there was a plethora of women’s only ones.

Surely in this time for change, we should be encouraging unity, encouraging women to attend these non-gender specific groups, rather than segregating them further.

Why do we have to support and encourage women by only offering them help from other women? Why can’t men act as great mentors, friends, advisors etc.?

In a push to make the world free from inequality, these gender specific groups are not helping.

What are your thoughts? Should these gender specific groups for women exist? Would you be offended if men started setting them up as well?  Let me know!

Rebecca x

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