I am off to a meeting at Middle Temple!

(So this post was meant to go up on Thursday morning (9th July 2015) but due to the train strike I wasn’t 100% sure the meeting would go ahead – hence why I am sharing this now with you).

Today I am off to my first grown up Lawyer In The Making blog meeting with Middle Temple – I had an idea for something I wanted to do on my blog, and could have just done it anyways, but thought it would be better to get their permission first.

After a quick email to the Middle Temple, I had a reply from Oliver and he said that it would be good to schedule a meeting and discuss if there was anyway Colin and him could assist me in that, and anything else with my blog.

I have known about this meeting since just before I went to America and safe to say I have been extremely excited and nervous and can’t believe it is today.

I will definitely fill you in on the meeting afterwards and my idea which I will be working on this summer (so keep an eye out for a Middle Temple post meeting blog in the coming week)!

Rebecca x

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