The art of knowing when it is okay to leave the office?

So there is often a bit of a debate over the appropriate time to leave the office, with some people out the door at 5, and others there hours later, plus you have those that work from home.

This picture did make me laugh, but only because more often than not it is true!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 21.14.40

So as someone who in a previous firm of solicitors worked late and then took work home, as well as early starts, this seems to be the norm! 

I would however, much prefer to take work home and do it in my own time, rather than stay late in the office – but in some places of work you are expected to stay late.

I think a lot more students need to be aware of the working hours – as they seem to lack the knowledge that they are expected to work beyond what is expected or stated in their contract.  Unfortunately it is a given that you work longer hours, whether that be sat at your desk or sat in your bed!

rebecca x

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