Mini rant (sort of law related)

So I am going to have a mini rant and it is sort of law related..

I can’t believe how often I get annoyed when emergency services have their sirens on and people don’t move out of their way with their cars…

It isn’t hard to see them coming (especially when everyone else is moving out of the way!) plus surely it is a common courtesy!

The reason I am writing this post today is because on the way to the airport so many cars wouldn’t move out of the way of a police car (so it is still sort of law related!) and it annoys me so much when I see this even with ambulance and fire engines!

Plus I am sure all these people (that don’t move out of the way of emergency services) would be the first to complain if their loved ones were delayed in receiving emergency help if others had been inconsiderate and not moved out of the way!

Anyways rant over for today…..

Rebecca x


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