Texting whilst driving…more or as dangerous as drink driving?

I am sure that at some point we have all done it, some more frequently than others.. answering a call or replying to a text whilst driving, and for most of us I would say that we have been fortunate not to crash or hurt ourselves or others..

But there are times when horrific accidents happens, people lose their lives, people are injured and some people’s lives will never be the same…Is it then okay for the Defendant to  blame the accident on lack of concentration because they were using their phone?

Looking at current statistics and sentencing, some people argue that this crime should be sentenced higher, however some argue that it should be lower.  There is an argument that it should be on parr with that of drink driving claims.

For some, they would like to see more police officers stopping people who they catch using a phone whilst driving.. the argument against that is how it could be considered potentially wasting officers and preventing them from combatting potentially more serious crimes..or intervening paedophile rings or drug dealers..

Obviously a police officer pulling someone over who they have seen on their phone could have prevented an accident if they never use their phone in the car again…. Would you prefer they were stopping more people they suspect have been drink driving?

Should it be considered the same as drink driving?

I will be writing more on this as the months go on!

Let me know your thoughts!

Rebecca x

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