To Kill A Mockingbird

So Sunday night I got home from a full day of BPTC classes (civil, REDOC, opinion writing and crime to be precise) and despite it being a long and tiring day… I always come home really mentally awake despite feeling physically shattered!

So instead of doing any work I decided to watch a classic! Now I have read this book many many times and watched the film a lot as well but Sunday night I spent watching To Kill A Mockingbird.  It is definitely one of the best films and one of the best legal related films!
I fell in love with the story when reading it at school and I know it will always be something I read again and watch!
So for any of you that didn’t get to read it at school head on over and buy it, you can pick them book up anywhere, but Amazon were doing a special hard back cover one as a limited edition to the 50th Anniversary I believe – I managed to pick one up on the release of Go Set A Watchman . The hardback TKAM book is around £13 on amazon, and I would say it is worth it, check out the cover here, however the paperback limited edition ones  are a bit of a bargain at £4.89 – Check it out here.
And if you don’t want to read the book then go check out the film.. Normally films made after books aren’t always as good but the To Kill A Mockingbird film is amazing!  Plus £3.70 is so cheap and definitely worth ordering one here, especially if you haven’t seen it already!
So that is 3 presents for someone interested in law and all for under £20.  Bargain! I will be doing blog posts on To Kill A Mockingbird in the New Year.
Rebecca X

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