ULS – Editor-in-Chief

So as many of you know I have been acting as Deputy Editor for UniLawStudents since May this year.

UniLawStudents is a platform for students to write the odd post and get it posted online. The posts can be on anything legal, for example, book reviews, current legal topics, discussions, legal events, legal areas of Interest, or even interesting cases… It can also include study tips, and anything to do with the degree.

It is a great way for students to develop skills and also have something to enhance their CV in what is an ever increasingly competitive field!

I have just been promoted to Editor-in-Chief, and if you want to get involved all you need to do is send me a message on either my own twitter @lawyer_inmaking or @UniLawStudents. If you don’t have a twitter feel free to contact me using my contact page on this site.

You can message me a blog post and I will check it through and then upload it to the site, and will also give you the direct link so you can publicise it yourself as well. You are also more than welcome to send me your ideas and I will give you my opinion.

I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Rebecca x

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