The other night I was just about to upload my Monday night #maylawblog post when I started watching Stranger On The Bridge on Channel 4.  It was something I had wanted to watch since I first heard this real life story was being turned into a documentary.

I don’t want to give too much of what happens away for those of you that haven’t watched it but I would highly recommend everyone watch it on 4 On Demand, and whilst this isn’t legal related at all I think it is a must see!

I already knew what had happened from the various news articles but it made me remember that one random act of kindness can save someones life! On a smaller scale though, just a random act of kindness can make someones day.

No one has any idea what other things people have going on in their lives, and by just doing little things you really could make someones day… perhaps not pushing on to the train in the morning and letting someone get on in front of you, or offering to make someone a drink at work..and even as far as trying to save people’s lives.

Sometimes it really is the little things that make a massive difference and I truly believe that random people can make other people’s day.  I work in London and everyone pushes by everyone to get on the train,  tries to rush into Costa and barges by people in the street, and it seems so many people have forgotten their manners.. but maybe if people stopped and let other people get on first, said “excuse me” or “thank you”, or even just smiled at someone in the morning.. you might change their day/morning, and improve their day in general! Plus you never know, they may have really need to feel cared about/that they are appreciated/that they are valued, and that live is worth living!

I thought it wasn’t overly fitting to upload my posts on Monday and then wanted to write something that reflected how I felt which is what I spent yesterday and today doing (without giving too much of the story away).

Normal law posts will resume later today/tomorrow!

Rebecca x


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