Royal Courts of Justice – Jug

So as you all know, I am a massive legal geek… and that won’t be a surprise to many of you. 

Equally if you follow me on social media you will forever see a stream of photos of the RCJ, whether that be during the day, at night, inside (but more often than not outside), it is truly one of my favourite buildings in London.

What I did want to do though is show you this incredible jug I received last summer (yes, 2019!).

It is amazing and makes me smile whenever I look at it – and the detail is incredible.

Yes… I know, it has taken me over a year to share it online, but I went to town sharing it in person with people when we were able to have people over. 

So here are some more photos highlighting just how talented Sarah is, but what a beautiful building the RCJ is and how lucky I feel to have this momento with me everyday!

Sarah has some amazing pieces on her website (link below!) and her social media – whether it is existing pieces such as mugs or candle holders, incredible mandalas, and Christmas accessories, or commissions – do check her out!

Rebecca x

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