Middle Temple Scholarship Interview

(Sorry this is being uploaded a little late!)

Depending on how much you know about how the Bar works and funding it, the four Inns have some money which they give out in the form of scholarships to prospective BPTC students.  (You have to show your offer letter to be eligible).

I believe not every Inn interviews all candidates who apply for a scholarship but I am at Middle Temple and they do.

My interview is on the 10th April and whilst I will do a blog post afterwards, I won’t be posting too much information on it, and likewise I probably won’t be letting you know if I do get a scholarship (I may change my mind) but at the moment I feel that it is quite a personal thing which I want to keep to myself and those closest to me.

Obviously they cannot give financial support to everyone that applies, and I will still be studying the BPTC in September with or without any scholarship money.  (But it would be nice to be given a little something towards the cost of the BPTC).

Some of you have asked about the application process and so I will do a blog post on that in a few weeks for you, but I can really only comment on what it is like for Middle Temple (but I am guessing that it is relatively similar for the other Inns).

Another blog post a few of who have requested is that of “How to choose an Inn”, I will do a post on this but it is a very personal choice so I am not sure how much help I will be on that.

Rebecca x

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