So for the month of June I posted a top tip on #ULStoptips for UniLawStudents, and as mentioned below this list is by no means exhaustive, but I thought I would share some of the tips with you (so check them out below).  More of my own blog posts to follow soon!

Rebecca x


As promised here is the list of our top tips which we tweeted over the month of June.

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are plenty of others so we will try and do another Top Tips session in a couple of months.

1. Get involved… whether that be law society events, advocacy programmes or external events, have fun and start networking

2. Highlighters will no doubt be your best friend during your law degree, so invest in more than just the 4 main colours…

3. Keep on top of going to/watching lectures and reading, it really makes things easier come coursework deadlines and revision

4. Start compiling revision notes as early on as possible, means you can revise rather than having to produce notes before the exam

5. Get involved in your tutorials/seminars, answer questions etc. Tutors will get you know you and remember you for participating!

6. Advocacy – just get involved! The skills you learn will be beneficial for solicitors and non-legal careers, not just barristers

7. Do your reading, don’t just rely on module guides, you need to do your textbook and wider reading, even cases in full sometimes!

8. You need to make sure you have a life outside of studying law so go out with friends, hit the gym, watch a film and have fun

9. When you apply for work experience, research the firm properly, this is especially important if you get invited for an interview

10. Be organised, this is necessary for any job/degree in the future. If you aren’t already organised, use your degree to start!

11. If needs be use revision guides to give you a basic understanding of a topic AND then use your recommended reading to develop it

12. The more cases you can read in full the better you will get at reading and understanding them

13. Use social media and follow some law related pages such as @FinchFafinski @PearsonUKLaw @Lawyer2Bmag they have great resources

14. You may not understand a topic for a while but we promise that you will have that moment where it all suddenly makes sense!

15.  Social media is a great tool Use it for legal networking and showing you have a life (outside law), but do monitor what you post

16.  You will hear the word ‘networking’ mentioned a lot throughout your degree, get involved and network as often as you can!

17.  Even if you are set on a career path, get some work experience in other areas or at a solicitors/chambers to use as comparison

18.  Work experience isn’t just about solicitors and chambers, check out court marshalling, in-house departments and other options

19.  Twitter is great for networking, current news and discussions. Get following lecturers and legal professionals etc.

20.  Visit courts and watch some cases, (whether it be Mags or Crown) and drag your law friends along if needs be, you can network!

21.  Remember that you need things to make you stand out; work experience abroad, summer placements, shadowing judges etc…

22.  Have an up to date and relevant CV and a cover letter than you can adapt various aspects of for different applications.

23.  Many employers understand that people have done a lot of work experience, so pick the most relevant bits for your applications!

24. Discuss topics/cases with law friends, they may have a different opinion to you, and this can help your argument and knowledge

25. Try to not write your coursework on the day it is due, if you don’t understand something it is too late to ask! Be organised

26.  Drafting answers to essay questions and problem scenarios is great for revision, (and also improves your writing skills)

27. Note down or flag pages for useful quotes you find for coursework to prevent you spending hours hunting for page numbers!

28.  Attend events run by the Inns of Court and/or various solicitor firms, they are for your benefit and also get you networking

29.  Those law magazines you can pick up at uni, don’t just put them in the bin. Read them! They contain useful info and case updates

30.  Enjoy studying, it won’t always be hard, likewise it won’t always be easy, but make sure you enjoy it, as it really will go fast!

Rebecca x



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