The Children Act | Film | August 2018

So I am back from America… and guess what? The Children Act has a UK release date. 24th August 2018… for those that haven’t seen it.

Check out my old post all about The Children Act and the trailer.

I am so excited, the film looks like something the legal geek in me will love… and Emma Thompson is usually in pretty good movies.

I have not been to the cinema in forever, but as soon as I saw the trailer, I sent a message to my mum when I was away saying we had to go.

However it seems it is only on in limited cinemas which is annoying and during the day (not ideal if you work).. Let me know if are going to see it though.

Rebecca x

p.s. I am guessing it will appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime at some point.. or maybe even sky movies!

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