LITM Q&A Series | Saira Shani

In this post on the LITM Q&A Series Saira Shani shares her experiences.

What do you study, where and what year?

I am a final year law student at BPP Manchester.

What made you decide to study law?

I originally applied on UCAS for Children’s Nursing, however my grades were higher than I expected so I went through adjustment and found that my grades met the entry requirements for law at BPP Law School. I never had the self-belief that I could study law but two years later, I am embarking on my final year having been predicted a 2:1.

What has been your favourite module to study so far, and why?

My favourite module so far, is one I am currently studying, that is Company Law. I have found that the intrinsic nature of company law and how it impacts us on a day to day basis, is so fascinating. I would highly encourage other student who are considering module options to consider Company Law, as it is the foundations for so many other areas of law such as Commercial, Banking and Finance Law.

Have you got involved with any extra-curricular law activities?

I have been involved with the Aspiring Solicitors network where I am a Campus Ambassador, they offer events and support for all students to pursue a career in law. My aim this year is to get involved in mooting and advocacy, which is something I have not yet experienced.

What work experience have you undertaken? Any that stood out as being a favourite?

I have had experience with solicitors and barristers, I have done two work placements at law firms in Cheshire and Manchester. I spent 3 months at 1 King’s Bench Walk, a specialist family chambers. I volunteer with the Personal Support Unit in the Manchester Civil Justice Centre. I think my volunteering as been my favourite, being able to assist on real cases and understanding that to practice law means so much more than just being able to regurgitate the law. I have sat in on many criminal cases at the Manchester Crown Court, I have witnessed murder and drugs trials. So I was able to see the Criminal Justice System and how its process differs from the Civil Courts.

How do you maintain a study/life balance?

A planner, I use my planner every single day. I put in assignment deadlines, application deadlines, appointments, meetings and revision time. I make sure that every hour in my day is accounted for, so that I am as productive as I can be.

What are your future plans? Legal related? Long term? Short term?

I have so many plans, that I don’t know which to do first. In terms of a legal career, I hope to pursue a career at the Chancery Bar. I am also interested in being an Investment Manager and in 10 years, I want to start my own investment management company.

If you could give one piece of advice to people considering studying law, what would it be?

You don’t have to have it all figured out. When studying law, the natural assumption is that you will either be a barrister or solicitor. However, the skills that you gain will make you a valuable asset in so many different industries from politics to human resources. Just enjoy your time at university, as some of the highly regarded practitioners at the Bar, came to the profession later in life having previously worked in other industries.

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