Mini-pupillage deadlines | January-March 2018

Now to every Chambers has a “window” for submitting your applications for mini-pupillage, but some do!

Here, however, are some of the ones with deadlines approaching.  The post is littered with links to help you, from information about their specific mini-pupillages, information on how to apply and also just what that Chambers is all about.

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4 New Square

4 New Square is a leading commercial set based in London.  Some of the areas of law they cover include: Commercial Chancery, Construction, Sports, Professional Liability, Commercial Fraud, Information Technology, Product Liability etc.  You can read more about their areas of expertise here and just click down the list on the left hand side panel.

They offer 4 periods of mini-pupillages throughout the year. Their mini-pupillages typically are for 2 days and usually take place in specific weeks in May, July, November and December of each year. They also try to take 10 mini-pupils per week.   Mini-pupillages do not include a formally assessed piece of work.

The application  deadline for the May (week commencing 14th May 2018) mini-pupillage week is 16th March 2018.

How can you apply? This webpage contains all the information you need to apply, with links to the necessary forms.

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers is a commercial set based in London. You can check out all of their areas of expertise here, but they include ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), Shipping, Insolvency and Restructuring, Chancery Commercial, Civil Fraud etc.

They have a number of mini-pupillages available throughout the year.  Their website states that potential mini-pupils should be at least in their second year of their degree and be expecting to graduate with a 2:1 or above.

Quadrant Chambers offer 2 day mini-pupillages which take place during the specific weeks (you can see the other dates if you click the link above).  Please note the applicable deadline for your application.

The deadline for applying for a mini-pupillage for weeks commencing 12th and 19th March 2018  is the 31st January 2018.

How can you apply? If you click this link it takes you directly to their application form.

Fountain Court

Fountain Court is predominantly a commercial set, and you can read all about their areas of expertise here.

Now the deadline for their mini-pupillage during 1st February and 30th April has passed, but the deadline for a mini-pupillage during the period 1st May to 14th July is  30th January.

How to apply?  If you click this link and scroll to relatively near the bottom, you will see a paragraph which contains the link to their application form.  Clicking on the link on their website will automatically download the application form.

Best of luck with applying! If you need a hand with your application forms or CVs, check out this blog post and video.  Also, don’t forget that there is a huge section in my ebook ‘A Brief Guide To Being A Law Student’ on all things CVs, Cover Letters, Application Forms and Interviews.  Plus a section on work experience, where I share ideas, top tips and how to make the most of the experience.

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