Diary of a Part Time BPTC Student (Part 2)…

So last weekend was a weekend of firsts..

Friday 18th September was induction day at BPP for the part timers! There was some waiting around at the start of today as we all enrolled… Followed by an hour long talk about the course and all of the usual bits and pieces. There is about 60 of us, so we were then split into 5 groups and we went and met our small groups and our personal tutors (there was cake – always a bonus!) and we collected our books! (When they tell you to bring a suitcase they mean suitcase – the sort you would take on a weeks holiday, not a wheely suitcase or even a hand luggage suitcase – a proper suitcase is required.. You get so many books and also module guides and you need a suitcase – I have uploaded some photos on social media but will share some on my blog later on). 

The rest of the afternoon was spent listening to a couple of talks (some were not so useful/informative but with any induction day you expect that).  There was a drinks reception after but knowing that you have to carry an entire suitcase full of books home meant I headed home shortly afterwards! (Plus in true London style it was raining that day so I wanted to head home!).

Saturday and Sunday was what I was most looking forward to, classes started! Because some people hadn’t had access to VLE and hadn’t prepped the tutors were quite lenient! There is a lot of work though to prep for each month and it is definitely vital that you turn up to class prepared and we were told that you have to be prepared – and I imagine the tutors are very strict when they need to be!

We have our group of twelve people which we will be together for some of our classes, then for some other classes we are in smaller groups, such as advocacy which is a 4 and REDOC which is an 8 (my advocacy 4 and another 4).  Saturday night saw me prepping a negotiation that we had been given that afternoon ready for class the next day!

My advocacy group is lovely, we headed to the pub for a quick drink on Saturday and had a Nandos on Sunday for lunch! A whatsapp group is already set up and we are all determined to pass and really want to make the most of it – and I know we will all help each other constructively!

If you are considering study the BPTC part time.. It is just as intense, and there is a lot of prep work to do, as well as consolidation after classes. I made so many notes during the weekend sessions that I am just going through my notes now to consolidate them properly before I embark on studying anything new for next months sessions! Plus I want to make revision notes now (I was going to do this already but one of my LLB university tutors who studied the BPTC part time also recommended that I did this!).

Monday night (21st September) I had my Middle Temple induction evening, it was pretty much just a welcome to the Inn and an explanation of the various groups they run, advocacy, pro bono opportunities and lots more! I am definitely pleased to be at Middle (though I’m sure Inner would have been very similar if I had chosen Inner instead).

And on that note I better get my head back in the BSB Handbook as that book won’t learn itself!

Rebecca x

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