Foreign Student wanting to study the BPTC in London?

Here is a question I get asked quite frequently.


I am a foreign student and I have to pay a lot to live in London. So what are my options? Because I really want to do BPTC from BPP Holborn but if I face financial difficulties I have to move to Manchester. How much it will cost in total? Living in London and doing GDL and BPTC too.


You would need to look on the websites for BPP and see the breakdown of the costs, they have a chart on there, outlining the varying prices between London and other part time courses.  I don’t have any idea regarding the GDL as I studied my LLB.

Living costs would be cheaper outside of London though!

Check out accommodation prices for places you want to live in London and Manchester etc. and assess the costs of living in these places, as well as transport costs.

I can’t give any more advice on this as I am based in London and have always lived in/around London – so knew I would be studying there.

Rebecca x

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