Let’s talk… Riverdale

Let’s talk… Riverdale

Have any of you watched Riverdale?

It’s a massive hit all over the world, and I was a little late to the party.  I have caught up now though, and wow, it is amazing.

I had read a lot about it, and seen it appear in various social media timelines and the papers kept talking about what a hit it was.  Yet, it wasn’t until my little sister told me to check it out, that I did.  Safe to say I have spent the last 7 days catching up, and I am eagerly awaiting Season 3.

What is Riverdale?

Riverdale is based on the original story from Archie Comics which apparently started in the 1940s.  It focuses a group of high school students who are shocked when one of their classmates is found dead.  Between them they try to unravel the town secrets and establish who is behind the murder, as they don’t believe all that they keep hearing and seeing.

Though there is so much more to Riverdale than just that.  It focuses on friendships, family life, relationships along with the usual drama that goes alongside that; broken families, affairs and more.

Another aspect involves the use of the school paper to source information, bring people to justice etc.

I don’t want to give too much away, but there is far more to Riverdale than a handful of students trying to solve a murder mystery.  There are a lot of twists and turns, home truths revealed and students taking the initiative and not taking no for an answer.  Season 2 takes an even deeper and darker turn!

Is Riverdale just for Teens?

Absolutely not, I was hooked from Episode 1 and I watch a multitude of crime tv programmes, dramas and documentaries.  I definitely didn’t feel like I was watching a programme for teens.

Where you can watch it?

It is a Netflix original, so Netflix.  If you don’t have a Netflix account, then you can get a month free trial, which is easily enough time to binge watch the episodes – as they are about half hour long each! If you then did want to stay on subscribe to Netflix there are various payment plans and subscriptions options available to you.

Have you watched it? Are you going to? I honestly recommend it.

Rebecca x

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