So I thought I let you know that I am working quite hard on a couple of extremely exciting projects with Mogul at the moment, (the guys that created my website!) and whilst I cannot reveal very much at the moment (which I know is really annoying) I just wanted you to know that I am making the most of the next few months which are relatively study free.

As you know I spent most of the last few summers prepping ahead for the next university year, but this year I can’t really do that as such, as we get all of our books in September for the BPTC.

So I am going to be doing lots of exciting bits with Lawyer In The Making and I can’t wait to share the various bits with you all (there won’t be a big reveal, as different bits will be revealed as the next 6 months progress).

I am unbelievably excited and hope you all like it!

Rebecca x


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