Stanford Law School? Yes please!

It isn’t every evening that you get ridiculously excited, so much so that you can’t sleep.  I planned to write this blog post tomorrow, but it is currently 11:30pm and about an hour ago I received the best email.

I have been accepted on a summer course at Stanford Law School.  There really aren’t the words to express how I feel. I am so shocked, unbelievably excited and as much as I shouldn’t wish time away, I want summer 2018 to hurry the hell up!

I will be sharing lots more about the course itself, what I will be doing, why I want to do it and the trip itself in due course.

I feel like all my birthdays and christmas have come at once… can you believe it!

Plus I feel so lucky to be heading back to San Francisco for a little bit of the trip. San Francisco was the first “big place” I explored on my own.  I fell in love with it as a city and totally loved exploring the area. So I am pleased to be going back.  Plus heading back to San Fran means I also get to go to Alcatraz again! I wonder if I will get lucky and meet another former prisoner again?  I was so shocked that that happened when I was there in 2015 – it was totally random that he was there signing books and I didn’t know he would be when I bought my ticket 6 months prior.  Or maybe this time I might meet a former guard – even if I don’t I can’t wait to visit Alcatraz again.

Stay tuned for more Stanford related posts – I can’t wait to take you with me!

Rebecca x


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