Diary of a part time BPTC student….

So today I start the BPTC.. well today is induction day (feels a bit like starting school all over again!) but I am ridiculously excited! Even more excited to start my first weekend of classes tomorrow!

I am going to blog about different things relating to studying about the BPTC during the next two years and decided that I would put these posts under the heading Diary of a Part Time BPTC Student #diaryofaptbptcstudent 
There will be a blog post going up every Wednesday either talking about something I have studied, an event I have attended, a Middle Temple dinner, Pro Bono etc.  so keep an eye out for those posts!  I will occasionally blog extra on this but figured that you don’t want to read the really mundane aspects of what I am up to all of the time, and equally I won’t be very inspired writing them! 
So keep an eye out for my update next Wednesday!
My Wednesday posts may sometimes just be an update on some of the things I have been up to that week, so occasionally I may refer back to a big post I have written on something specific!
I hope this will be of use to anyone that is studying the BPTC full or part time, considering studying the BPTC or already knows they want to do so but wants some inside (honest!) knowledge of what it is really like!
Bring on the next two years!
Rebecca x

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