Pearson Law Express Revision Day

It is that time of the year, everyone is stressing over final pieces of coursework and the fact that they are constantly being reminded of those impending exams in the very near future… and very often students end up feeling like everything is getting out of control.

So when Pearson let me know about a Law Express Revision Day on Friday 7th March 2014 I headed on down (plus who doesn’t like a day out in London). I went not only for myself but so that I could share with some of you students any tips and also encourage you on your journey… plus it feels like it has been a while since I was a first year!


When we arrived, Pearson gave us a pack (as above), and inside it there was a copy of the Exam Success – Law Express book written by Emily Finch and Stefan Fafinski, this book isn’t going to be released properly till later on in the year, so it was nice to be given a copy early!




Plus Law Express books are so useful, and I know so many people that find the topic books and Q&A books beneficial in their learning, and helping them understand the basics of the area of Law they are studying!  This book is slightly different in the sense that it is just on Exam Success, but it is written by two authors who know a lot about law, writing books, and most importantly teaching law, as well as marking essay and problem questions! 

On the day we listened to four talks, and though each one focussed on something different they all fitted together.

The four speakers were Neal Geach, Stefan Fafinski, John Duddington and Simon Sneddon and they are all well known authors of Law Express Books.

The topics covered on the day were:

– Exam Success 1 – Revision

– Exam Success 2 – Exam tips and techniques

– Writing Winning Essays

– Tackling Problem Questions

There were so many useful tips and examples given on the day, and even though I am about to go into final year in September they will be useful, and I hope to be able to share some of the tips with you over the next few weeks!

Also when you go to these sort of events, very often you leave after hearing stuff you already know, but you have forgotten and needed reminding of them- and that was certainly the case!

I honestly wish this event had been run when I was in my first year – I would have been far better equipped at writing essays and answer problem questions (for both coursework and exams) as well as managing my revision and also feeling more confident going into exams. IMG_4529

Thanks Pearson for a great and very informative day!

rebecca x



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