Back on the radio

So I am currently writing this blog post whilst sat at CenterParcs, and my mum and two sisters have just gone home.

On Sunday afternoon I received a message asking if I would like to go back on the radio and speak about women in business.

It is just under a year since I was last on the radio, and despite being ridiculously nervous last time I had a great time (and received lots of great feedback), so I am looking forward to heading back.

I am hanging around at CenterParcs for a few more hours as I will head straight to the radio station.  I am a tad nervous though, as I have quite strong views surrounding some of the ‘women in business’ groups and I am not sure how well they will be received.  I will only have 10 minutes or so to discuss this on air so I am considering writing a blog post about it, my thoughts and opinions just to elaborate a little more.

I will of course share links as soon as I have them.

Rebecca x

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