New camera…

I tend to use my phone a lot for taking photos but I did also have a normal sony ‘point and shoot’ camera which sadly half broke last year and just got really slow – but it was a fair few years old.

So I definitely needed a new one but wasn’t sure what I wanted as I wanted something straight forward to use like a ‘point and shoot’ but also something a bit more than that, but not a full blown SLR.  I also knew that I definitely wanted a Sony camera as I love them!

Amazingly when I was at the Thinking Digital conference a few weeks back, I met @KatieJaneOnline (another blogger) and she had an amazing Sony camera – that is in-between a ‘point and shoot’ and an SLR – and she highly recommended hers so I ended up buying one!

It is easy to use (and there is so much I can do with it – if I read all the technical stuff) but for now I will settle with the basic settings.

It will be great for my holiday, and also for law events and things that I go to!  I don’t mind taking photos on my phone and still will as I won’t be carrying this around everyday but it will be so good for events and also to look a bit more professional!



I had a great time at the event, met some lovely people and some even lovelier bloggers and I hope to see some of them again! And I am so grateful to Katie for recommending this camera as it is exactly what I need and always good to know someone else likes a product!

Rebecca x


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