Sexual bullying is not okay!

You all know that I have been backing the #SeriouslyAwkward campaign by the Children’s Society and this sort of links to that.

I turned on the TV today at lunchtime and the ITV news happened to be on, and they were talking about the ridiculously high levels of sexual bullying which goes on in schools – and quite frankly it is disgusting!

I know that bullying is something which has happened for generations but with online bullying everything is there for everyone to see 24/7.  I guess that is the one downside to smart phones and apps.. every child has one and so many children bully others in this way or share images and videos of other children being bullied.

Sexual bullying, and sexual harassment just aren’t okay!

The statistics on the TV today at lunchtime weren’t pleasant and I hate the fact that this is a society that people are growing up in.. since when has it ever been okay for a student to force another student against the wall and subject her to sexual harassment.  (This wasn’t a guy doing this either, it was a girl).

I was absolutely shocked and disgusted.. I guess I knew this happened, but I didn’t realise just how frequently it happened, and to hear that very often teachers turn a blind eye as they don’t know how to handle these cases made me feel worse.

I know teachers are so busy, and have lots to do, but turning a blind eye to students that are being sexual abused… that is not right!

I have a young sister that is at secondary school, and it is horrible to know that humiliating people is a source of fun, humiliating people in a sexual way is considered funny, and that subjecting people to sexual bullying/abuse is also okay – it is not okay, and something really needs to be done.

Students need to feel like they can report these incidents to teachers, parents etc. so not only do we need to try and put a stop to what is happening, we need to correctly punish students who do this.  Sexual abuse is never okay, whether it is being done by a school student or a fully grown adult.  Students need to feel that they can report these incidents and action will be taken, and they won’t be further harassed for doing so.

Teachers and parents also need to feel able to deal with these situations, and help their students when these horrific situations arise.

I just don’t know what the world is coming to when sexually abusing a fellow student is part of lunchtime fun… where has the respect gone?

I will be writing more on this soon, and sharing some of the harrowing statistics, but please let’s work together and bring an end to this!

There are enough horrible people in the world doing horrible things to people, but surely students should feel safe at school, and safe when they are with their fellow students!

Rebecca x

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