National Careers Week – Lawyer In The Making

So at the start of January I was very lucky to have a conversation with National Careers Week (and I have a blog post coming Friday on what NCW are doing in general but with their NCW 2016 event which is happening in March).

National Careers Week 2016 Logo

I was asked to write a little bit about my journey into studying law (after they had read a little bit about it on my blog) and it has just gone live on their website!

Article Photo for NCW post

Check out the NCW website here, and my blog article here.   My post has a few photos of the Royal Courts of Justice, the extensive amount of uni books given at my BPTC induction and also a quick graduation photo!

I really hope my post does encourage students into legal careers, or seeing the benefit of a law degree on other careers too!  One of my main messages though that I hope came across in the post, was that studying law was what I always wanted to do, and despite some setbacks and hurdles I carried on, and that is vital, no matter what you want to become! Perseverance, determination and commitment are crucial!

Rebecca x

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