Poor Mental Health Services lead to loss of lives!

It is absolutely horrific to hear stories where people have been refused or turned away from hospitals and clinics due to the NHS lacking resources, funding and support for mentally ill patients, and that these people are killing themselves!

For me what is most frustrating is the fact that these people are actually seeking help and they are turned away… so often people don’t seek help and even though they should still receive help, it is immensely frustrating that those actively requesting support are failed by the system!

Lack of funds and resources just is not a good enough reason, and so many people lose loved ones because of mental illness, and there is no justification.

As you know I have a keen interest in medical law and knowing that 1 in 4 of us suffer from or will suffer from some form of mental health issue in our lifetime means that something has to be done.

You can’t stop people having mental health problems in every case,  but you can certainly support them.

The rate of those committing suicide has doubled in recent years, and we really need to be supporting one another more, and creating an environment where the word “mental illness” isn’t a taboo and is actually an acceptable term, which people are comfortable saying, knowing that they won’t be mocked or ridiculed, pushed away or even worse lose their jobs.

You know my feelings on the issues surrounding Mental Illness, and how I think a lot more needs to be done to support those suffering.  Not even just from a legal perspective do I support this as a campaign, but with statistics showing a lot of lawyers suffer from some form of mental illness either for their life, or a portion of it, something needs to be done!

We can’t fail people by a) not being able to support them and b) by turning away those seeking help!

You may remember I wrote a few blog posts on The Stranger On The Bridge and you can read those again here.

Please take a minute today to remind yourself that having a mental illness is not something to be ashamed of!

Rebecca x

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