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So I found out about the Birkbeck Law Review through a law student I know via Twitter and we are know on each other’s facebooks!  Ian (who you may remember from my #LITMqanda series) shared a link to an article he had written for the Birkbeck Law Review and so I started to follow that!

The Birkbeck Law Review is an independent publication managed and run by students from Birkbeck, University of London. They publish thought-provoking articles written by students, professors and legal practitioners in a biannual volume (and you don’t have to go to Birkbeck to submit an article for consideration).

They have been cited by the UK Supreme Court, published academics from around the globe, and remain committed to promoting student ability at all stages of legal education. In early 2015 the editorial board was the proud recipient of Birkbeck’s Prize for Contribution to the Life of the School of Law.  Their first conference, in collaboration with Birkbeck’s ILSA Chapter, won the ILSA Chapter Award for Best Academic International Event.

So, their previous editions are worth checking out, and if the Supreme Court is citing you, you know you are doing a good job – so make sure you head on over to their website and have a read!

Rebecca x

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