World’s Most Dangerous Prison – Channel 5

So I sky+ this last week, and watched it this morning, and I am sharing this post now so you can all head on over and watch it on demand!

The show: World’s Most Dangerous Prison aired on Channel 5 on Monday 4th January 2016 at 9pm – incase you need those details to find it but just click the link here to go straight to the page.

The documentary saw crime journalist, Paul Connolly, spend a week immersed inside one of the world’s most dangerous prisons.   Danli Jail is in Honduras and the prison is meant to hold 250 inmates but currently has 700 inmates.  What is also very surprising is that the inmates are in charge, they are controlled by a convicted murderer and his armed henchmen, called ‘co-ordinators’.

One thing that surprised me was how the prison was not very well secured in terms of normal heights of fences and gates, and the prison was on the main street in the town!

You get to watch Paul live and interact with these criminals, some of whom have extraordinary characters and life stories, he even prepares vegetables with someone guilty of killing someone with a machete!  He gets to experience prison like no other, from inmates eating rats, to sleeping on the floor and the constant fear that the inmates will try and escape on mass.

Paul discovers how a jail functions when normal rules are turned on their head.  I will do a proper blog post on everything I saw from the programme and why it is very eye opening but for now please do go and check it out – it is worth a watch!

Rebecca x



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