Today I am off to see the Magna Carta

As some of you may know the Magna Carta is celebrating its 800th anniversary this year and there is currently an exhibition on at the British Library which has has great reviews.

I wanted to head on down to check it out before my holiday but I just didn’t have time, and with the exhibition closing on the 1st September I knew I had to be quick in seeing it.

So I am going to check it out this morning with my friend Alice before we spend the day in London. I will do a post Magna Carta Exhibition blog post during the week and will put all the links up for you to check out the website as well.

I am fairly sure I was told by someone that you cannot take any photos in the exhibition so I’m not sure if I can until I get there but if I do get to take any I will upload for you as well!

Have a brilliant weekend!

Rebecca x



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