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So last week after my Scholarship Interview I decided to walk back to the office as it was so sunny..

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Inner and Middle Temple and their location but they are so close to the Royal Courts of Justice.  On Fleet Street there is a law bookshop which as I walked by I just had to go in.

This book store holds a great memory for me, as a long long time ago when my dad took me into London to visit the RCJ and the buildings in Middle and Inner Temple we stopped by this book shop and the man inside recommended that I read Glanville Williams’s Learning the Law, and my dad bought it for me.

This book shop is still so quaint but holds an awful lot of books, it also looks a little like a library (and the gentleman behind the till on Wednesday said that sometimes people do think it is just that!).

I ended up having a lovely conversation about the shop and how they have a second (slightly bigger) shop not so far away.  One thing I did learn is that they are the only remaining law book shop in the UK (yet Jamaica has three different UK related law book shops – and the reason they knew this is because they supply them the books).

The book store is http://www.wildy.com (and they have a twitter account @Wildys) and so many of you will have probably walked by countless times, and maybe not seen it, or just thought not to go in.

It has the sweetest window display and I would highly recommend you all going in if you ever are down that way.


I wish I had taken some other photos of the inside (so I may head back and see if I can, just to show you).

They are so helpful in there, and will order in books if they don’t have them, and they will also recommend appropriate books, and they have a really good knowledge and selection of law books.

So the reason why I am writing this post is because I had such a brilliant 20 mins in the shop last week, and I haven’t been asked to write this post, but I felt that I should write about the law book shop.  It is a piece of history and one that we should be using.  I am always ordering law textbooks and other law related books on Amazon, not necessarily for the price (as I buy them brand new) but more the convenience, and I am going to try and refrain from doing so sometimes and utilise this shop that is on my doorstep.

For years my family have always talked about how we should keep little shops going, and I never really listened or saw why, but I have now.

I am going to make a conscious effort to try and use this bookshop as and when I can as this is a book shop that should be kept going!

Plus for all you students you do get student discount!

So please if you are in London go by and have a look in, and buy a book!  You will be making a very geeky, law book obsessed 24 year old student very very happy! Perhaps you can tweet me your purchase with the #LITMwildy

Rebecca x


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