2017 | Let’s talk about my company a little more!

2017 is the year that I want to show what I am capable of doing for law firms, lawyers and law schools. 

In 2016 I was quite reserved in showcasing and documenting what I can do as a company.

I really can’t wait to share with you more about that (and I have a specific website coming) but I was very fortunate that last year all of my work was word of mouth and recommendations which is and was amazing.

However this year I want to help more companies and law schools, and the only way to do that is talk more about what I can do, successes of previous clients and also why digital marketing is essential in the legal sector.

You know that I’m a massive law geek, and I am totally proud to say that.

I also love social media, producing content and writing blog posts which share legal news, events etc.

So when you combine those two you get my company.

There are so many benefits in terms of being on social media, but is is also really important that you manage social media properly.  There is no point in a having a social media account if you share updates, links and news once a month.

I love helping law firms, lawyers and law schools on all of these topics; social media, blogging, client engagement and website content – and I really do love training people on this (and the benefits of using social media and a blog to market your business).

So if you need help on any of the above or maybe your current marketing material could do with a revamp, then get in touch.

I like to think that I have a slight advantage in that I have worked for 7 years in the legal sector, and I understand how lawyers work and what clients want.

I hope that my insight and knowledge on how the law work,s means that I am able to easily demonstrate to you the benefits of an active social media strategy and what you can be doing to really enhance your business.

2017 needs to be the year that law firms and law schools are far more engaged online!

Rebecca x

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