So for those of you that do not already know, I have a new job.  I started at Eversheds three weeks ago, and have loved every minute of it, but it is still quite surreal.

It is very intense and there is a lot of training at the moment, but I am enjoying being in Cambridge and London, and even managing the commute.. but that will take a little getting used to!  

I feel extremely lucky to be working for such a prestigious and highly regarded leading firm of solicitors. 

My colleagues are lovely and even though I am still at the stage of asking questions every ten minutes on how their particular system works, they have been so helpful.

I took this job because it was too good an opportunity to turn down, it is one that will be a challenge, but also potentially provide a lot of scope for development in the legal field.  Not only that, but as a global firm there are lots of opportunities further afield. 

I finally feel like I have landed on my feet with this one, and it was completely unexpected, which has made all of this that bit more amazing.  I will definitely keep you posted on life working for Eversheds!

rebecca x 

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