Big Voice London – website

So whilst I was away I noticed Big Voice London had had a bit of a website revamp…

Please head on over and check out the site and also everything that they do:

The website contains all the info about the projects they run, how volunteers can get involved and also some of the publications as well as info about how to get in touch if you want to support Big Voice London, or if you are a student and want to volunteer or be involved in one of the projects.

I am so glad I found out about Big Voice London last year through Victoria and so pleased to be able to help young people have a voice but also get to understand areas of law and encourage them to offer suggestions on how to reform these areas as well as just voice their opinions.

I know Victoria and Emily work really hard on Big Voice London and they do a great job – so it would be amazing if as many of you as possible could support it!

Rebecca x

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