Mogul meeting 3!

So I had another planning meeting with Mogul via Skype the other night (a pre-America planning session) which was amazing.   I felt like we had previously discussed my ideas and what not but needed to get things a bit clearer in my head.

It was also a great chance to discuss other ideas and also put together some things that Mogul are going to teach me!

My next meeting with Tim from Mogul will be face-to-face and we can pull together a proper timescale and plan of action for things going forward with these projects!

I am so sorry that I can’t share much with you at the moment but I will as soon as I can! At the moment I don’t have proper dates for projects being completed etc. so I don’t want to put my plans out there so to speak, with no dates to give you!

I am super excited, and as always I come away with even more ideas than before!

Plus no question is a stupid question – and believe me I ask plenty when it comes to website stuff and design and what not.

Tim is also brilliant at being a sounding board for some of my ideas, I think it helps that he creates lots of websites and does a lot of different projects so he has some idea what works and what doesn’t.

One massive advantage is that they created my ‘proper’ website and they know what I like and we can work on things together, plus they are totally honest and I trust them with their ideas and opinions.  Plus I am totally uncreative so they are great for ideas/design and what not.

I can’t wait to tell you all more!

Rebecca x

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