Holiday week is here!

So as you know I am jetting off to the U.S. on Thursday and I alluded to possibly some legal related things I was going to be doing as well whilst I see the sights and relax on the West Coast!

Some of the legal related things I will be doing and blogging about when I am back include:

  • Alcatraz – that counts as being legal related right?
  • I am also meeting up with someone that works for a company that is based in London but has an office in San Fran (and she is a Lawyer).
  • I am off to a Justice Centre in Los Angeles (I was planning on doing a blog post about them anyways but they kindly offered to meet me with me when they knew I was going to LA – I tend to just blog and share links but I sometimes like to ask people first depending on what it is)
  • The Justice Centre – have kindly invited me to a Law Awards event which should be amazing – and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I am back!

So there will be definitely four (possibly more!) blog posts on the above (and maybe a few other surprise things) when I am home.

I hope you like them! I am sorry that I am not blogging my entire trip but I don’t feel that it is appropriate for a law blog (and I am not a travel/lifestyle blogger), plus I am doing some normal every day holiday things and I don’t think that will make for very interesting reading.

Rebecca x

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