Website Update

Over the last few weeks some of you have mentioned that you haven’t always been able to access my website, whilst others could, or some could access it sometimes but not others.

I am really sorry about this and it has now been fixed and should work for all of you, all the time!  If it doesn’t I have been asked to tell you to reload your browser and then it should work absolutely fine.

I managed to get this fixed as quickly as possible and don’t envisage there being any other problems but if any do arise I will rectify them as quickly as possible.

Whilst I know this has been inconvenient at times, it is the first problem I have had since having a blog in 3 years so consider it not too bad…  I think I was more frustrated by it as I personally couldn’t do anything to fix it, but the guys were amazing and rectified it so quickly.

I hope those of you that were not able to access various posts are now able to catch up, and I am also grateful for those of you for letting me know my site was not always working as it meant I could fix this as quickly as possible!

I appreciate your support with this.

Rebecca x


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