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So a little while ago I mentioned that I would be doing two book reviews, these are going to go up online tonight for you all (they have been sat in my post folder for a while but had lots of other things to post).  I am going to be doing a few more, and might also show you some books I have that I will be reading once my degree is over in April.  I had a bit of a law book haul after Christmas on some recommendations by a number of law students and tutors so thought I might share them with you all!

The first book review going up will be Legal Systems and Skills
and the second book will be Employability Skills for Law Students (I would highly recommend this book as it is written by Emily Finch and Stefan Fafinski – who have written a lot of law textbooks, and many law express books and they provide a lot of useful hints and tips! They also got a lot of students to write bits and provide their own insights, and I was lucky enough to be one of them.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, even those in final year, as it may show a few other options you hadn’t considered or remind you of some work experience you have undertaken that you may have forgotten to put on your CV or your applications etc!)

Let me know what you think… Or if you have any other amazing law related books I (and other students) should read!

Rebecca x

P.S disclaimer – to make things easier for you all I have put in the Amazon links (feel free to use them) but they are obviously available in other retailers and online.

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