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So today’s strange law comes from Las Vegas.. well the state of Nevada!

There are some rather strange animal laws in Nevada and one of them is that according to NAC 503.110 it is permissible to own a camel in Las Vegas. However some of the animals you can’t own include hartebeests, wildebeests, crocodiles, clawed frogs, walking catfish and gnus.

If you want to check out the full list of animals you can’t own in Las Vegas head on over to the Nevada Legislation Website for this Act and you will see a very very long list.

NAC 503.110  Restrictions on importation, transportation and possession of certain species. (NRS 501.105501.181503.597503.650504.295)

Except as otherwise provided in this section and NAC 504.486, the importation, transportation or possession of the following species of live wildlife or hybrids thereof, including viable embryos or gametes, is prohibited: [see list here]

I doubt any of us would consider owning some of these animals, but just in case you were you are know up to date on what animals are and aren’t available to own.

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