Bucket List – 25 things before I am 25

About this time last year on twitter someone that I follow @PurplesmurfLLB was getting ideas for a bucket style list for some of her upcoming birthdays, I absolutely loved the idea and kept a bit of a mental note to create one when I was 24, to try and complete 25 things by the time I am 25.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that some of these things are going to be legal related and I also wanted you all to see that outside of studying and working full time I do have some sort of life!

So here are my 25 things to do before I am 25:-

  1. Go on a holiday by myself
  2. Get back into reading non law related books – growing up I read loads and once I started studying reading turned into textbooks and cases and journals, apart from the odd reading book on holiday
  3. Go to the theatre with Roo (we used to go a lot, and I owe her a theatre trip and dinner out!)
  4. Book some form of weekend away with Rachael, Isobel and my Mum – the 4 of us have not been away together in years!
  5. Go to a Liverpool match with my Dad, we used to go a lot when I was growing up and I would absolutely love to go again
  6. As of January 1st 2016 I want to start one of those jars where you write your memories down and then at the end of the year look back on all you have done, they can be tiny things; such as going out for lunch with a friend or buying a pair of shoes or much bigger things, such as weddings, birthdays etc… It is going to be a reminder of all the things that everyone of us end up forgetting we have done!
  7. Go on some day trips by myself in the UK and eat out somewhere by myself in a proper restaurant
  8. Take Isobel to Brighton for the day (as I promised her we would go in the Summer of 2015 as she would have finished her first year at Secondary School)
  9. Start the BPTC
  10. Go to some of my Dining Sessions at Middle Temple (I will explain about this in more detail in a blog post over the next few months)
  11. Get better at promoting and marketing my blog (something I have never really had to do in general before, and something I definitely need to work on)
  12.  Get back into writing cards and letters – they are so much more personal than emails and texts, and this year I sent a random few Thank You cards to people after lunches out etc. and I absolutely loved how happy it made them – so my goal is to send 10 cards on random occasions by my 25th Birthday
  13.  See another comedian live – this is one of my favourite things to do, and it feels like it has been a while since I have seen someone live, so I want to get something booked up!
  14.  This is really geeky, but I want to book a train ticket up North somewhere and get on the train with my Mac and spend the day blogging and writing!
  15.  Go on another “grown up” law course (there will be a two blog posts going up shortly on my first ever one day “grown up” law course, and also my first ever overnight “grown up” law course)
  16.  Do something that makes my heart race! (I have something in mind for my upcoming holiday…but we will see if it happens – if not I will think of something else)
  17.  Graduate from my Law Degree – if any of you know me, I have always wanted to do a law degree and then go on to study the BPTC – so being able to graduate (in November – as Herts do it late) is going to be a massive milestone for me
  18.  Put myself forward for the UK Blog Awards 2016 when the applications open later on this year
  19.  Step out of my comfort zone and try something I would never considered before.
  20.  Go to a hot yoga class (I don’t do yoga but it is something I have always wanted to try, just once)
  21.  Be able to comfortably run 5k – this is just a personal challenge but by putting it on here I now have to actually go out and do it!
  22.  Continue my ever growing collection of box sets (as I don’t think I have bought any series/seasons this year so far – which is very unlike me)
  23.  Undertake some volunteer work (due to time this will most likely be in the form of some Pro Bono work that I really want to undertake anyways but is also necessary with the BPTC)
  24.  Continue to work on and develop Lawyer In The Making (I am so excited for the year ahead), but also still update you on what I am up to as my career progresses, (and maybe do a Vlog)
  25. Spend the year creating some amazing memories, and to remind myself to have a life despite working, studying the BPTC as of September and attempting to blog!

On my 25th Birthday next year I will re-upload this list with what I have achieved and when etc…

Rebecca x

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