Voice Training with Dominic Byrne

So last November I had the pleasure of having a voice training session with Dominic Byrne (just to see what it was like).  I saw some information being retweeted about this last year and so I got in touch.

You can either have two separate sessions or one slightly longer one.  Due to trying to fit things in with Dominic and his work, and also my job, I settled for a slightly longer session.

I’m sure some of you will have recognised the name already, but Dominic Byrne was and still is I believe on the radio, and he does a lot of voice training for normal business people and also those in the public eye.

For more information feel free to check out:  http://www.dominicbyrnetraining.com

or his twitter: @domisatwit

When you study law you do an awful lot of advocacy training and practice public speaking, and whilst I am very shy I have grown in confidence a lot, plus I am also extremely grateful to lots of barristers for sharing their top tips with me.

Saying that I am so glad I went and had a session with Dominic, it boosted my confidence as I realised that I didn’t sound that bad at all, and I didn’t come across overly nervous etc.  He also taught me a lot of tips and tricks for various situations and general tips, and the activities that we did were so useful and I would highly recommend a session with him.

I know he said he was going to do more sessions with business based people and those not in the public eye, and I would highly recommend it for anyone that has to speak to clients, give presentations of those full on public speaking type jobs.

I don’t want to tell you what the activities were that we did, but you get good feedback and no question is a silly question, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable speaking or feel nervous whilst in the session.

So even if you think you are an absolute pro at public speaking I would still recommend this!

Rebecca x


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