Amazing university Pro-Bono clinic wins back thousands

Pro-bono has always been around and many people undertake pro-bono work/activities both in their legal careers as qualified legal practitioners and whilst at University.

A number of universities have their own pro bono clinics (and there are other organisations that do as well, and firms tend to have their own ways they undertake pro bono work) but one article in particular stood out to me in the 16 February 2015 edition of the Law Gazette.

The Student Law Office (the pro bono clinic at Northumbria University – which is run by students)  recouped more than £130,000 in compensation for their various clients during 2013-2014.

That is an amazing achievement for the university and the clients, but the experience for the students in extremely beneficial.

I will be putting up some more information about various pro bono projects students, legal professionals and academics can get involved which aren’t necessarily linked to a university or firm.

So do keep an eye out, plus if you know of any pro bono projects/groups that I can share on here do let me know, whether that be ones run by universities, law firms/chambers or other organisations.

I will happily put them up on my blog over the summer… plus maybe I will write a post on the importance of pro bono work for students (but also the clients).

Rebecca x

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